Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College Library

(University of Delhi)

Assessed and Accredited by NAAC With GRADE 'A' {CGPA 3.36}


S. No. Year of Pub. Author Title Photo
1 2021 Yadav, Kavita Indian Economy and Entrepreneurship Prophecies Amidst Pandemic
2 2019 Dutt, Sheo Aspects of Economic Condition of Eastern India
3 2019 Dilip Kumar & Others Spatial Information Technology for Sustainable Development Goals
4 2019 Shekhar, Ravi Slums in India
5 2018 Deol, O. S. Fundamentals of Financial Management
6 2018 Yadav, Kavita Organisational Behaviour
7 2017 Negi, V. S. Climate Change
8 2017 Negi, V. S. Dimensions of Development
9 2017 Shekhar, Ravi Urbanization in India
10 2017 Deol, O. S. Global Trade in Services
11 2017 Deol, O. S. Business Mathematics and Statistics
12 2017 Pandey, B. W Environmental Concerns and Sustainable Development in Himalaya
132017 Pandey, B. W Water Resources Potentiality, Vulnerability and Management
14 2016 Khurana, P. K. Marketing in the 21st Century: Issues and Challenges
15 2016 Deol, O. S. Twenty Years of World Trade Organization 1995-2015
16 2016 Prem Kumar Political Economy of Slums
17 2015 Dubey, Chandra Shekhar Real Resonance- The Unreal Mind
18 2015 Shekhar, Ravi Designing Thematic Map
19 2014 Maheshwari, Rajendra and Batham, Triveni International Trade
20 2014 Shekhar, Ravi Rural Settlement Structure
21 2014 Pandey, B.W. Dynamics of Land Use Change
22 2013 Thakran, R. C., Shivdutt & Sanjay Kumar Bhartiya Upmahadweep Ki Sanskritiyan
23 2013 Palit, Chittabrata, and Arun Kumar Science and Environment
24 2012 Chhabra, T. N. and Grover, S.K Marketing Management
25 2011 Pandey, B. W. In Search of Sustainability
26 2010 Pandey, B. W. Hazard Ecology
27 2008 Lalli, S. A. Principles of Microeconomics
28 2007 Dubey, Chandra Shekhar Substance of Shadows
29 2006 Kar, Rabi Narayan Mergers and Acquisitions of Enterprises
30 2005 Deol, O. S. IMF Adjustment Programmes and Developing Economics
31 2004 Bandooni, Suresh Kumar Land Resource Management and Development in hill areas
32 2003 Mehra, Ajay K. The Indian Parliament: A Comparative Perspective
33 2001 Khurana, P. K.. Export Management
34 1996 Dubey, Chandra Shekhar George Gissing: An Apostle of New Morality
35 1989 Jain, Sumitra Kumar Caste and Politics in Bihar